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A New Human Rights Commission for British Columbia

British Columbia has a new government, and the New Democratic Party leadership has hastened to fulfill an important election promise, that is, to re-establish the B.C. Human Rights Commission.

B.C's history with its human rights institutions has been a rocky one. B.C. first got a human rights commission in 1973 and it operated for 11 years before being disbanded in 1984 by Premier William Bennett. After an interim Human Rights Council, the Commission was later re-instituted in 1997, but it lasted for only five years, until 2002, when it was...

What Was Said

Exclusion of Persons with Mental Illnesses Not Discriminatory

"While it was clear mental illness is a protected characteristic under the Human Rights Act, the Panel ignored the evidence of the Minister there were programs available to Laura through both Social Assistance and CMHA and thus there was a reasonable explanation for what might be perceived as otherwise discriminatory behaviour. It was an unreasonable conclusion simply to hold...

Human Rights Digest 18-6, August/September 2017